Shuangge Song, as known as RiddleViernes, is a Beijinger visual artist based in Madrid, Spain.

Living in a web 3.0 era,  his works mirror his self-existence in this caos world and his relationships with people he knows.

"It is important to be in the right mood for things, anything. Some times I feel tired, well, in this case, fuck me, but still gonna get that thing done."

His works have been featured on different platforms & brands such as Apple Music, Selected Music GMBH, VSCO Editorial / Challenges, Getty Images China & US, ,BoooooooM, Freitag,  La Peliculera, etc.

In 2018 he started a project called "AFilmCosmos Post-Contemporary Art Collective" and now it is one of the largest film photography communities on the internet.

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